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  • Automation complete solutions based on open system standards for development and integrating other systems or subsystems
  • KNX/EIB: The Worldwide STANDARD for Home and Building Control
  • LonWorks: LonWorks is a network of interoperable devices from multiple vendors conforming to the LonMark standard.
  • BACnet: Our solutions base on ASHRAE Standard for the BACnet Protocol, implementing BACnet Operator Workstation, BACnet Controllers and BACnet Gateway functionality.
  • MODBUS: Modbus is a good general-purpose interface and standard communications protocol that can be used to integrate different controllers into an Automation System.
  • PROFIBUS (Process Field Bus): Standard for field bus communication in automation technology.
  • OPC - OLE for Process Control: OPC Data Access and  OPC Alarm and Event

Application and Development of Automation Products

  • Lighting control and regulation
  • Shutter control
  • Regulation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Security and monitoring
  • Central automation
  • Energy and load management
  • Audio/video functions
  • Remote control/remote maintenance
  • Visualization and operation
  • Interface to other systems

Home Automation solutions with HAI

HAI (Home Automation, Inc.) products now is core of ours application and development in home automation systems.

Ours development programs for most successful

Maintain a focus on markets and customers. Products or services must offer a clear competitive advantage.

Develop the workforce:  Workforce training and/or human resources development are always needed.

Building relationships:  Build and strengthen our customer and partner relationships is a critical success factor in our's oriented sustainable development